Readable & polished editing projects

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Victorian Water Accounts 2016-17 Solar energy facilities design guideline Victorian Cladding Taskforce report
Trust for Nature Annual Report 2018-19 Major hazard facilities: Government response to the Major Hazard Facilities
Advisory Committee Community renewable energy projects discussion paper Better_apartments
Macedon Ranges LOcalised Planning Statement Victorian Water Accounts 2015-16 Improving flood warning systems Heritage Act review 1995 summary of submissions
Act for the future Directions 
for a new Local Government Act Australian International Student Strategy Draft SWRRIP Draft MWRRSP
Managing grazing on riparian land Guidelines for riparian fencing in flood-prone areas Draft Plan Melbourne Plan Melbourne Refresh summary of submissions
Feeding dairy cows Victorian Water Accounts 2018-19 Council to Homeless persons Workforce Development Strategy 2020-2025

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