Get it Write! polishes and proofreads documents

You’re happy with your document, but someone needs to check it.

You understand the importance of quality writing, but you’re too busy—and too close to your document—to do the final checks. And you can’t ask your friendly colleague to check it again: you’re out of favours!

Get it Write! will do the fine-detail checks—promptly, professionally and confidentially—such as:

   Fix basic grammar, word and number mistakes

You want readers to take your writing seriously: you don’t want your great ideas overpowered by simple mistakes that erode their confidence and trust. Get it Write! will:

  • fix basic grammar mistakes to ensure good sentence structure; subject-verb, verb-tense and pronoun agreement; no split infinitives or dangling modifiers; and parallel structure in sentences
  • correct mistakes with apostrophes, commas, colons, semicolons and other punctuation marks
  • check and correct more than 200 commonly misused words (such as ‘your / you’re’, ‘it’s / its’, ‘good / well’, ‘affect / effect’ and ‘there / their’)
  • spellcheck your document using Kelvin Eldridge’s preferred Australian English spelling
  • check a sample of calculations for simple numerical mistakes (such as with addition, multiplication and percentages)
  • check that numbers below 10 are spelled out (depending on the document and type of text) and that measures, terms (such as ‘per cent’ and ‘%’), year spans and dates are presented consistently and correctly.
   Fix style mistakes and inconsistencies

Capitals. Hyphens. Italics. Em dashes. Numbers. Your organisation possibly has rules about these and many other aspects of style. Paying attention to style details is both a matter of compliance and of quality assurance: a poorly styled document will have noticeable inconsistencies and oddities and to the observant reader will look sloppy.
Get it Write! will:

  • ensure your document complies with your organisation's style guidelines
  • if your organisation doesn’t have style guidelines, make the style of your document consistent with our style rules, which are based on Australian Government Publishing Service Style manual for authors, editors and printers, the nationally recognised guidelines for publication style
  • on larger publications, establish style rules, put text in our working template and clean up heading and text styles, if appropriate.
   Make tables, figures, images and text boxes neat and consistent

Authors use tables, figures and images to help readers understand their messages and data, so we make sure they do just that. Get it Write! will:

  • tidy up, standardise and correctly format the introductory text, headings, cells, sources and notes of figures and tables
  • resize and compress images that can make your file much bigger than it needs to be
  • check the formatting of images to ensure they stay where they should be on the page and don’t move around
  • prepare text in text boxes so a graphic artist can manipulate them, if appropriate.
   Review references, cross-references, glossaries, acronyms and other shortened forms

References: We often see lists of references with idiosyncratic structures that do not comply with the author-date (Harvard) referencing system or another of the main referencing systems — Vancouver, Chicago, APA or Oxford. Get it Write! will:

  • with your agreement, make your references consistent with the author-date (Harvard) system or another of the main referencing systems
  • check references as required against internet sources for incorrect and incomplete details
  • check for inconsistent punctuation and broken hyperlinks in references.

Cross-references: Many documents we edit have cross-references to related information elsewhere in the same document or available on the internet. Get it Write! will hyperlink these cross-references so onscreen readers can quickly and easily access them, and we will check existing references.

Glossaries: Authors often struggle with glossaries: what to put in them and what to leave out. Get it Write! will define rules for your glossary and create it, or edit an existing glossary to confirm all terms are included in the document and are clearly explained.

Acronyms: It's important to observe conventions about how and when to use acronyms and other shortened forms. Get it Write! will

  • apply our rules for acronyms
  • check the correct use of other shortened forms: abbreviations, contractions, initialisms and symbols.

Please note: an instant quote does not include these services.

   Do a final proofread

It’s easy for small mistakes to creep into your document as it weaves its way through the approval process and people fiddle with it. So, it's important to have it rechecked before it’s finalised. Get it Write! will:

  • do manual and computer checks for the most-common last-minute grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes
  • carefully read the document on paper to identify and fix last-minute mistakes.
   Do a final formatting and layout check

You’ve spent a lot of time and resources developing your document and you want it to look good. If your document is not heading to a graphic artist, poor formatting and layout give readers a reason to skip bits and not read it closely. Get it Write! will:

  • update the table of contents and any other automatically generated tables
  • check that elements are correctly positioned on the page
  • check paragraph and page breaks.
   Review page proofs

Things can, and do, go wrong in the graphic art stage of the publishing process. Get it Write! will check the final page proofs as a support to any process you have to authorise them for printing or electronic publication. This includes checking:

  • late text changes or additions (such as captions)
  • for mistakes or misinterpretations by the graphic artist
  • issues we know from experience can occur at the graphic art stage.

Please note: This service does not transfer responsibility in full or part to Get it Write! for the authorisation of page proofs before printing.

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