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Want to untie yourself from a big writing job?

Our experienced editors have worked on hundreds of writing projects, big and small. They know plenty of ways to make the process of planning, researching, writing and producing a top-quality document more efficient, cheaper, quicker and less stressful. Get it Write! will:

   Prepare you for your writing project

Give your writing project a strong start by learning the tricks of the trade. Improving your writing skills saves you time, effort and stress not just on your next writing project, but for life. Get it Write! will:

  • review with you what a major writing project involves
  • help you visualise the writing process from start to finish so you can keep your writing on track
  • discuss with you how to best involve colleagues
  • show you techniques to locate, collect and organise the information you need for your document, quickly and efficiently
  • help you understand what causes writer's block and how to make a writing job enjoyable and less stressful.
   Clarify your document's purpose, tone and readership

You can maximise the impact of your writing if you first define your readers and what you want them to know and be able to do. Then you can be confident your writing will be effective. Get it Write! will help you:

  • clarify what you want your document to achieve
  • clarify your readership and the information it needs
  • decide the tone of the document
  • envisage the 'look and feel' of the final product.
   Develop a preliminary contents structure

A preliminary contents structure and a planned approach to changing it as you write make for quicker, easier and more enjoyable writing and a well-organised document. Developing a preliminary contents structure at the planning stage— before you research, consult or write—keeps you focused on your purpose, which is to produce a document. It also makes research and consultation more efficient and writing quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Get it Write! will:

  • explain the principles and techniques of developing and iterating a contents structure
  • help identify any requirements (such as legislative requirements or terms of reference) for the structure
  • brainstorm content ideas with you
  • identify and assess alternatives for a contents structure
  • help you organise your content ideas in line with the structure
  • advise you how best to iterate the contents structure as you write.
   Support you as you write

Developing a big document is easier and less stressful if authors have day-to-day support as writing challenges arise and independent and experienced supervision of the writing process. An experienced editor can help you build writing skills throughout your project and provide feedback and encouragement to keep you focused and moving ahead. Get it Write! will:

  • help you iterate the contents structure as you write
  • help you get the most from Microsoft Word
  • keep you focused, on schedule and confident
  • keep your writing clear, easy to read and easy to understand
  • provide the regular professional support and feedback you might not get in-house
  • review sections of your draft and give practical advice about how to improve it
  • monitor your progress so you can complete drafts on time and within budget.
   Research your document

Good writing needs a solid factual basis. We plan and conduct research for publications, campaigns, conference presentations, speeches, training resources and all other types of document.

Our research process prevents vague, open-ended inquiry by developing, in the planning stage, a draft contents structure for the final report then focusing the research on it. As we conduct the research, the structure and the research inquiries evolve to keep activity focused on the questions you want answered. This approach means research questions integrate with the final reporting so we collect the minimum of irrelevant and repetitious information. This maximises research efficiency by minimising the amount of information you collect but do not report, resulting in lower costs, shorter timelines, better productivity and more return on your research dollar.

Our experience includes literature reviews, environment scans, summarising public consultations and submission processes, focus groups and individual in-depth interviews, and print and online surveys and questionnaires.

   Draft some or all of your document

Partnering with an experienced writer can make writing quicker, cheaper and less stressful. It can also improve quality. Many professionals outsource the job of writing so they can focus on what they do best: provide expertise and direction. Get it Write! will:

  • plan your document's structure, content and images to best convey your messages
  • research, abstract, organise and synthesise information
  • write quality text, for all audiences, in all styles and for all types of documents
  • craft messages that maximise the power, impact and effectiveness of your ideas
  • rewrite drafts from different authors in a uniform style.

We write speeches, articles, manuals, annual reports, training resources, learning guides, websites, promotional material, expressions of interest and requests for tender—anything that needs quality writing. We write for all audiences, in all styles and for all types of publications.

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