Get it Write! makes documents more readable

Has your draft become harder to read as things have gone along?

Get it Write! is your independent, objective reviewer. We’re on a mission to help you communicate better, so your message is clear and crisp, and cuts through. We fix tangled language, convoluted sentences, repetition, bloated phrases, too much passive voice and using nouns when you should use verbs. Also, you don’t want your document looking like it’s been thrown together with bits written by different people … or even worse, by a committee!

As well as providing all polished editing services, Get it Write! will:

   Rewrite sentences for clarity and consistency

Conciseness and clarity get your message across and let your true voice be heard. Convoluted and unclear writing and tangled language confuse readers and give them a reason to look elsewhere for information, because they don't understand what you're saying. Get it Write! will rewrite sentences where necessary to:

  • minimise verbosity by cutting superfluous words, bloated phrases and inappropriate repetition
  • simplify and clarify sentences by rewriting them to be clear, short, to the point and positive; by replacing complex, abstract, weak and vogue words; by cutting inappropriate jargon; by explaining technical concepts; and by removing ambiguity
  • remove different writing styles so your document reads like it was written by one author
  • prefer active voice to passive voice
  • avoid nominalisation (turning verbs into nouns).

Please note: An instant quote for Readable editing only includes minor rewriting. An instant quote for Structured editing includes substantial rewriting.

   Do basic accuracy checks

Oh dear, the date is wrong, the numbers don’t add up or there’s a contradiction with something a few sentences back. Fresh eyes can spot basic mistakes that even the most astute writers can’t see in their work. Basic mistakes are easy to make and often what the reader notices first. Get it Write! will point out or correct:

  • contradictions, commonsense mistakes and simple arithmetical errors
  • other misleading or seemingly incorrect information.

In a hurry? We can make documents up to 1500 words readable in just four hours. Get a free, no-obligation, instant quote and place your order now.


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