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This is our full editing service, like having your own in-house rewriter / editor.

Sometimes, a document needs a real makeover, line-by-line, to simplify, clarify and organise it. This is our top-of-the range rewriting and rearranging service, to thoroughly review and improve your document.

As well as providing all readable and polished editing services, Get it Write! will:

   Edit a sample of your document

There’s no need to be nervous about the changes we might make to your document. Get it Write! will edit a sample of your document first so you can see the types of changes we propose to make. Our clients are invariably pleasantly surprised by the improvement!

Please note: An instant quote only includes this element if you ask for it in the ‘Tell us any particular requirements you have for the editing’ section of the ‘Submit your document’ page. Also, we will extend the guaranteed delivery time by the amount of time you need to respond to our edited sample.

   Structure sentences and paragraphs

Ideally, every paragraph in a document should be concise and focused on a single idea. The first sentence should state the idea and following sentences should explain or develop the first sentence. Each sentence should contain just one idea and there should be no obvious repetition, unless there is a purpose for it. Get it Write! will structure paragraphs and sentences, within the constraints of the material you provide us with.

Please note: an instant quote only includes minor restructuring.

   Structure headings and sections

In a well-structured document, the things you want to communicate to readers are easy to identify. The structure of your document presents the information in a logical order, with each heading reflecting the content of the paragraphs beneath it. Get it Write! will ensure:

  • every block of text except introductory statements has a heading, in Word style
  • headings are consistently spaced
  • each heading is a subset of the heading above it
  • the expression of headings and the structure of chapters and sections are consistent.
   Write simple text to fill gaps

When we restructure documents, we review the logical flow of arguments and if necessary rearrange the text to strengthen your message. This often identifies gaps in the flow and strength of your arguments or in the supporting material. Get it Write! will:

  • offer suggestions to fill gaps in the flow of arguments
  • write simple text to fill these gaps, if the linking idea is clear from the surrounding material or if we can deduce it from basic internet research or common knowledge.
   Add preliminary and end matter

Printed publications (such as books and reports) usually have preliminary and end matter. Preliminary matter is the information at the front of the publication, before the main text begins, that provides the publication's compliance and identification details and introduces and summarises the text. End matter includes the appendices, glossary, reference list, endnotes, bibliography and index. Get it Write! will:

  • review the preliminary and end matter you provide and identify any deficiencies
  • identify any other preliminary and end matter the publication needs
  • with major publications, either create or organise the required preliminary and end matter.
   Incorporate author's responses and comments

As document restructuring becomes more extensive, two-way communication is increasingly important to share ideas about how the document can be the best it can be. Get it Write! will:

  • notate the edited document with comments, suggestions and questions for the author
  • conduct an editorial conference with the author if necessary to discuss our comments, suggestions and questions
  • incorporate the author's feedback in the edited document.
   Write a summary or case study

There's an art to writing a summary or case study that addresses the key points in your document, while telling its own story. Get it Write! will:

  • extract and structure the key points in your document to write a comprehensive, stand-alone summary
  • use your document to produce a case study that readers will find interesting and relevant, so others benefit from what you have learned.

Please note: an instant quote does not include this element.

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