Get it Write! researches, writes, edits and proofreads documents and websites

Whether you're in government, business or a community organisation writing short text or producing something big, it's good to know one professional understands the publishing process inside out: the editor.

Editing services Polished editing Readable editing Structured editing

Three editing services ...

We offer structured, readable and polished editing (including proofreading). Click on a service to find out more, or compare services.

Get it Write!

... plus writing and research.

We help authors plan their documents and support them while they write. And we can research and draft some or all of your documents.

Does writing and publishing for your consultation process sometimes seem like two steps forward, one step back — like snakes and ladders?

At Get it Write!, we want you to enjoy the publishing side of things, like we do. Our board game and flipbook show how we can save you time, money and stress and help you avoid writing and publishing traps. And check out some Engage Victoria consultations we've helped with.

Four-hour turnaround

Simple, fast, online ordering and payment for small documents

This is for professionals who know the editing and proofreading service they want and who want a quick turnaround for a fixed price. We give instant quotes for up to 5,000 words for most options. Pay by credit card or on your organisation's account.