What clients say about our work

We value our hard-earned reputation for client service and for on-time, on-budget, high-quality work.

Authors can find the prospect of handing over their creation to a quality-control person somewhat daunting, so we pay special attention to respecting authors and working with them to make their work the best it can be.

Here are some quotes from end-of-project emails . Almost all our clients are public servants who prefer not to be named, but we will happily provide references to potential clients once mutual interest is established.

'We didn't make many changes because you did such a great job! Thanks again for all your efforts.'

Statewide strategy, government department

'This work has been very well received by the majority of our key stakeholders, so thanks very much for your assistance, particularly with the consultation report which was a really big effort in a small turnaround time to produce a well-written product.'

'Thanks very much for your professional and responsive efforts on the project. Stay in touch.'

Position paper and consultation report, government department

'Thanks for your work on this. You've done a good job and I agree your alternative seems to make more sense. I was grappling with the highlights section — it just didn't feel right and now I think it flows better.'

Consultation report, government department

'Thanks for all of your work over the last few weeks in editing the plan, and for your suggestions throughout the process.'

Annual plan, government agency

'Thanks for all your work and turning it around so promptly. Your copy editing certainly helped with its clarity.'

Discussion paper, government department

'Many thanks for your quick turnaround and thorough work. Everything made sense.'

Technical guidelines, government department

'This is wonderful!''

Taskforce report, government department

'Thanks for the edits, they really helped to make it an easier read and we even had a comment about it being an ‘engaging read’ from one of the secretaries of a department!

Project report, government department

'Thanks for all the work you put into the report. You picked up on things that had passed us by.'

Annual report, environment organisation