Thousands of words restructured, rewritten & checked ...

If it's words you work with, Get it Write! can research, structure, rewrite, check and fix them. Here are some of our recent projects.

Councils and Emergencies consultation process documents

Our work with the Councils and Emergencies Project began with restructuring and editing of the Councils and emergencies directions paper. It continued with restructuring, rewriting and editing of the Councils and emergencies consultation report and then of the Councils and emergencies position paper that resulted from the consultation process. We also provided advice to make the graphics and the tabular layout of the responsibilities and actions clear and easy to understand. ----- More -----

Victorian Cycling Strategy

We extensively rewrote and reorganised the draft strategy to tightly focus it on its key message: the Victorian Government’s intention to increase the number, frequency and diversity of Victorians cycling for transport by investing in a safer, lower-stress, better-connected network, prioritising strategic cycling corridors; and by making cycling a more-inclusive experience. ----- More -----

Reflections 2016-17

For the second year, we rewrote, edited and proofread the drafts of this interesting, informative and beautifully photographed annual review of environmental watering: what it is, how it benefits the environment and communities, and what happened with environmental water entitlements: the legal rights to access a share of water to improve the environmental values and health of our rivers, wetlands and floodplains, and the plants and animals that rely on them. ----- More -----

Fuel management report 2016-17

Building on our experience editing previous editions of this report, we simplified the presentation of the data and used hyperlinks extensively to separate background information, data, narrative about the year's achievements and useful background documents. Readers now have the whole story on their screen, at their fingertips. ----- More -----

Seasonal watering plan 2017-18

This big (192 page) plan was developed as separate documents. So, first we brought them together, standardised the styles and removed style irregularities. This saves the graphic artist going mad working out what's text, what's headings and what's something else. Then there's the word-by-word, careful reading from start to finish to improve the writing where necessary and fix errors, mistakes, unintended duplication and inconsistencies. ----- More -----

Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung) consultation publications

We're proud to have provided editing, proofreading and page proof review services for the major consultation documents for the first Australian Bill to designate a river and its public land as one living, integrated, natural entity for protection and improvement. ----- More -----

Building Regulations Sunset Review consultation publications

This was a large (150,000 word), three-part document developed by three organisations. We cleaned up the styling and in the short time available managed a polished edit of the whole statement to fix style and grammar errors. We also wrote an overview to the statement, the consultation website text, a submission form and fact sheets for use during consultations on the revised regulations. ----- More -----

Tech schools vision statement and guide for school communities

We researched and wrote a statement of vision and principles to guide implementation of the Victorian Government’s Tech School initiative, a $125 million program to build 10 leading-edge tech schools bringing together schools, TAFEs, universities and industry to connect students with their futures. The statement was used as the basis for Tech Schools: a guide for your school community. ----- More -----

Democracy in Geelong discussion paper

After the Victorian Parliament dismissed the Greater Geelong City Council in April 2016, there was a concerted effort to consult with the community about a new electoral structure for the city. This meant clarifying and explaining to the community the various electoral options and the interactions between them. We edited, restructured and developed infographics for this background paper, to support the consultation process. ----- More -----

Strategic bushfire management plans

We worked with teams of experts to develop a template and rules for world-first strategic bushfire management plans for Victoria's bushfire risk landscapes, then worked with teams from all seven landscapes to adapt the template to suit their particular landscape and way of identifying and mitigating bushfire risk. ----- More -----

Other readable and polished editing projects

Get it Write! has rewritten, edited and proofread hundreds of documents to improve their clarity and consistency. Here are a few of our more recent projects. ----- More -----